Elitefts™ Romanian Deadlift (RDL) Technique

Elitefts™ Coach and Owner of The Spot Athletics J.L. Holdsworth explains the proper execution of the Romanian Deadlift.

In this edition of Friday Technique Video, JL Holdsworth discusses the Romanian deadlift. This lift is great for building overall athletic ability, developing motor patterns, and teaching the hip hinge to young athletes.

As an accessory exercise for the deadlift, it can also be used to increase hamstring, glute, and lower back strength. Like his pelvic tilt technique video, Holdsworth emphasizes that you must finish the lift by bringing your hips through and squeezing your glutes.

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With a BA in Exercise Science from Wayne State, Masters work at University of Kentucky in Coaching, a USAW Level-1 coaching certificate and well over 20,000 hours of practical experience, JL Holdsworth is one of the most respected strength coaches in the industry.

As a competitive powerlifter. JL has posted a 905 pound squat, 775 pound bench press, and 804 pound deadlift. He has also competed in mixed martial arts and grip competition.  He is the owner The Spot Athletics, where he works with athletes of all ages and sports disciplines.

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About the Author

Mark Watts is The Director of Education at EliteFTS.com. He has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion from California University of PA and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Clarion University of PA. Watts has been working with college athletes in over 20 different sports at the Division I, II & III levels for over 15 years as a strength & conditioning coach. Prior to EliteFTS, Watts coached athletes at Denison University, The United States Military Academy at West Point, Allegheny College and Clarion University. Watts has also completed strength & conditioning internships at The University of Tulsa and the Ohio State University. Watts is certified by the National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association. Watts started competing in powerlifting in 1997 and is an amateur strongman competitor in the Master's division. Watts is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and is a USMC veteran.