Trap Bar Deadlift

The trap bar is a great variation to the deadlift. It’s also a great tool for beginners because it teaches them to push their hips back and to teach them how to get into a good squat position.

Also, the trap bar is a safer exercise than the deadlift as it keeps the weight in line with the hips and there is less chance for it to come forward, like a regular deadlift. This is crucial for a beginner.

The trap bar is done much like a deadlift; lower back arched, head and chest up and the weight on the heels of the foot.

This exercise is used quite a bit by Martin Rooney, Joe DeFranco and Jason Ferruggia. I have talked to a lot of coaches about this lift and many of them believe it to be a great teaching tool to help with building leg strength as well as helping an athlete get in correct position.

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