TRX Overhead Squat

Muscles Targeted: Legs, Glutes, Upper back, Delts

Exercise Description:

The TRX or Blast Strap Overhead Squat is performed just like a standard overhead squat, except that you’re using a TRX, or Blast Straps, as opposed to a barbell. This allows a few advantages. You can use this as a teaching tool for athletes new to squatting, as you can use it as a teaching tool and a means to increase GPP. The arm position and the fact that they are actively pulling back on the handles really allows them to work on building the muscular endurance require to told an arch in their upper back when squatting. The fact that they can “lean” on the handles also allows them to squat deeper than the could with a free squat or a bodyweight squat, as balance isn’t an issue. I have had athletes who were only capable of quarter squatting with a barbell do a full squat on their first rep in this exercise.

This exercise also works well when included in metabolic circuits or team environments, as there is no need to adjust weights or bar heights up or down. Resistance can be added by using a weight vest.

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